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An eBook is worth a thousand pictures
And We've Written THOUSANDS of Ebooks!

If you've had no success with eBooks ---
You have NOT tried one of ours.


At OMG, we've written hundreds of eBooks on everything from investing and retirement planning, fitness programs and weight loss routines, vegan recipes and beauty regimens. Despite the wide array of topics --- they all have to the same goal: to inform, educate and engage prospects.

In this age of information, the eBook makes facts and figures appetizing.


With catchy titles and tantalizing covers, these versatile digital books make marketing-speak palatable. With charts, graphs and a fully stocked bibliography, they can provide relevant and thought provoking commentary on things that matter to the consumer, the buyer, and/or the target audience.

So, as you sift through the maddening metrics of algorithms, re-targeting, tracking, tag management, predictive analytics, data exchanges, A/B testing, real-time decisioning, CRM, CMS, and SEO … you may just find that a well written and highly engaging eBook demonstrating the overriding merits of your product, service, or brand could be the best thing you do for your business this year.

White Papers, Blogs, E-News and Feature Articles


Blogs not only help business owners share their passion on a daily or weekly basis, they're also an excellent way to drive web traffic and expand business prospects.


A blog can be as simple an as online journal --- or it can be a critical commentary on business practices or breakthroughs.


A well-written blog can boost your website's visibility, establish authority, juice social media and drive leads by adding a strategic call-to-action.

Similarly, by sending regular newsletters, businesses can help strengthen their relationship with their customers, boost subscriber engagement, and drive sales. Opt-in newsletters are also highly effective at helping to build a robust online community.

There is perhaps no greater tool to build authority and attract a lot of attention than a ghost-written feature article. At OMG, we have written for CEO's, Presidents, Founders, Authors, TV personalities and Board Members. A well-written feature not only leads to a greater public profile --- it can turn a business leader into a thought-leader and that is priceless.

Direct-to-Investor Marketing Delivers ROI!

Our Multi-Channel Strategy includes:
Digital Marketing
Social Media

Email Marketing
TV & Radio Marketing
s & Newsletters
anding Pages
Thought Leadership

Print Marketing
Podcasts & Webinars

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AND ... LOW COST Video Production for EFFECTIVE Lead Generation:

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