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Direct Response Marketing
Marketing that Creates an Immediate Response!

After 23 years ... YES!

We Invented the Call-to-Action!

OMG has been at the forefront of content, communications, lead generation, and branding strategies in the Direct Response and Direct-to-Consumer sphere since the late 1990's.


We have worked with clients large and small on multi-channel direct marketing campaigns that incorporate a variety of DR channels and methodologies including DRTV, Radio, Digital, Email, Print, Direct Mail, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Electronic PR.


We have promoted prominent products and lucrative brands in the Health, Wellness, Finance, Fitness, Self-Improvement, and Beauty categories.

Through the years, DR has changed and those that have not changed with it --- have been left behind. New DR methodology is digitally enhanced, Google-primed, data infused, and automation-ready.

As a result, OMG is also a source for SEO copy, Social Media placement, Banner Ads, PPC, VSL's, YouTube Advertising, Video Marketing, Landing Pages, Electronic PR, Reputation Management and a full spectrum of digital marketing techniques and channels.

Nutri-Health Pets Banner
Woodbridge Banner Ad
Sinus Health Post-Card
Journal of Longevity Guide
First 100 Days of Donald Trump
Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up
Fresh Dining Email
Blackcurrent Jarrow Formulas
Thibiant Post-Card
Lear Capital Landing Page
Cross Conditioner Everlast Home Page
Woodbrid Banners with Book
Haylie Pomroy Digital Ad
Ty J. Young Landing Page
Coin World - Lear App
Thibiant 40th Anniversary Flyer
Super Food Plus Print
Kettley Financial Prospect Card
Doc On Call Landing Page
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